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Mix Pizza Contemporanea... a step beyond excellence!

This innovative pizza mix is made from flours of only Italian grains, with wheat germ and wholemeal rye sourdough starter. A product designed specifically for contemporary pizza making, it is a perfect blend of lightness and old-fashioned flavors.

The unique fragrances and aromas of this flour derive from the presence of the wholemeal rye sourdough starter and the natural fiber content given by the wheat germ and Oro Puro type 1 flour, ingredients that make this product highly healthy and perfectly balanced nutritionally. Excellent for pizza making with indirect or direct method, with dough maturation from 24 to 60 hours.

Ingredients: type 0 flour from selected Italian grains, Oro Puro type 1 flour, wheat germ, wholemeal rye sourdough and remilled durum wheat semolina. Designed to meet all the needs of pizza professionals, the Contemporary Pizza Mix has been created thanks to the valuable advice of Italian master pizza makers, to cover all types of dough and leavening, with the aim of providing performance of the highest technical level, guaranteeing taste, authenticity and digestibility of the finished product.