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Online the next date of the In-training courses

Starting from 3 – 4 October 2022 with the Pastry Laboratory, the season of training courses at the Antico Fienile Academy will restart, important training events that will involve well-known names of the Italian white art.

One of these will be Favio Gargiulo, master baker and pizza chef, an expert connoisseur of the raw material who with perseverance and conviction affirms the values ​​and principles of interculturality in the context of the White Art.

45 years old of Argentine origin, but Sorrentine by birth, he spends the first 18 years in Buenos Aires before returning to Italy and embarking on his professional career within the world of bakery and pizzeria. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge led him, over the years, to travel around Europe to learn the specific techniques of other cultures and experience the results, combining them with those of the Italian tradition.

During his professional career, which took place in the best restaurants on the Sorrento coast and in Europe, Favio has never lost the link with his roots. His personal white art is born from the flavors of the land of origin and grows in a mix of cultures that revolve around two essential elements: flour and water which, combined with the passion for his work, make him a prominent character. in the field.

He is a friend and consultant to well-known faces of Italian cuisine, who use his knowledge and experience to bring innovation and new fragrances to the “bread basket”. Maestro Gargiulo, technical consultant of the University of Mediterranean Cuisine, is brand ambassador and trainer of Molino sul Clitunno Spa.

To learn the secrets and techniques of the extraordinary white art, take part in scheduled events by reservation.

Upcoming dates:

– 3 and 4 October – Pastry lab
– 21 November – Pizzeria lab
– 5 December – Bakery lab