All'Antico Fienile ripartono i corsi di formazione in presenza

After almost 2 years of online training, we can finally get back to putting our hands in the dough and appreciating the aromas and flavors of white art.

On Monday 9 May, the season of in-person training courses will officially reopen, a pizzeria workshop held by Maestro Favio Gargiulo, which will be held at the headquarters of Molino sul Clitunno in Trevi (PG).

A calendar full of in-training events that will address the most important thematic areas of Italian white art: pizzeria, pastry and bakery. Topics concerning raw materials, kneading and leavening techniques, maturation and cooking times will be addressed in line with the new needs of increasingly attentive and informed consumers.

Molino sul Clitunno has a high-quality training that supports white art professionals by producing excellent flours, ground in purity, without additives, preservatives and enzymatic improvers. At the end of each course you will have a new, modern and highly professional perception, which looks at the quality of the product and the well-being of the consumer, but above all at the new trends of a constantly evolving market.

The courses will be held with a limited number, in compliance with current health safety regulations.

For information and registration:

Tel: 346-2389420


Panettone Artigianale
Oro Puro

Tutta la dolcezza dei panettoni artigianali, a sostegno dell’Istituto Serafico di Assisi, per donare un sorriso ai più fragili attraverso un semplice gesto.