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Molino sul Clitunno debuts at TuttoFood 2021 with Oro Puro flours



Milan – From 22 to 26 October, Molino sul Clitunno, the Umbrian company specialising in the production of high-end professional flours, will make its debut at TuttoFood with its own exhibition space and a programme of workshops on the art of baking, held by the masters of the “Antico Fienile” training academy.

Pierluigi Marani, CEO of Molino sul Clitunno, supported by the third generation of this family that is now recognised and appreciated as an important link in the chain of excellence in Italian bakery art, will present to the public at TuttoFood an approach to bakery art of excellence that includes well-being at the table and that has led the Umbrian company to produce a new line that perfectly meets current market needs: Le Ruvide, three brand new stone-ground references (Wholemeal, Tipe1 and Manitoba Tipe1 flours) that fully satisfy consumer and professional demand in terms of craftsmanship and authenticity. A higher fibre content, intense taste, wheat aroma and a more rustic consistency give the final product an authentic flavour and extraordinary digestibility. But at TuttoFood, Molino sul Clitunno’s flagship product, the now famous “ORO PURO” line of flours made from certified Emilian grains, could not be missing. A project that continues to attract the interest of those working in the sector, both for its high standards of quality and yield and for the feedback from consumers, who are increasingly aware and careful in their search for products made with certified raw materials. In addition to the great care taken over the quality of the flours, special attention has been paid to the choice of 100% recyclable packaging, which completes the Marani Family’s vision of total quality, with the aim of promoting the food culture of the territories and bringing healthy, genuine products to the tables of consumers, respecting human health and with a view to sustainability and safeguarding the environment. Great expectations for the Molino sul Clitunno team and for this edition of TuttoFood 2021, the first post-Covid-19. The event, which will take place at the Milan Fairgrounds in conjunction with and in close connection with Host Milano, the world’s leading exhibition of technologies and solutions for the hospitality and eating out, confirms the value of strategic choices such as this, with a view to creating a system between the worlds of food and hospitality. A line shared and followed also by Molino sul Clitunno that, more and more often, finds itself to be the protagonist of synergic cooperation between the main actors of the white art, chefs and companies of excellence, as well as schools and professional training institutes of the sector, which pursue the same objective: to spread and promote a quality food culture, transferring values and excellence.



Our masters on stage



Favio Gargiulo, technical consultant of the University of Mediterranean Cuisine, is known in the Italian restaurant scene for his great experience in baking and in the creation of innovative “bread baskets” always in line with the trends and needs of consumers.

Favio Gargiulo’s is a philosophy of white art inextricably linked to the values ​​of quality, modernity and authenticity. The same values ​​that led him to choose Molino sul Clitunno flours, becoming an international brand ambassador.



Federico Visinoni, world champion of pizza in a pan “Pizza World Championship” in Parma, where he distinguished himself by coming first out of over 600 pizza chefs from more than 30 countries.

Visinoni is in fact one of the most appreciated consultants in the panorama of the pizzeria business and as a technician trainer holds professional pizzeria courses at the “Antico Fienile” Academy of White Art in Molino sul Clitunno.



Paolo Caridi has created his own pastry school in Calabria where he hopes to entice and pass on his knowledge to young people, convinced that they are the future. Today he also directs, as production manager, CASA MASTROIANNI, a beautiful reality linked to the world of food, with 10 points of sale in Calabria and 20 in total in Italy, doing research and development on Calabrian excellence.

The motto that has belonged to him for many years is: “Ancient flavors, new traditions”.



SALVATORE CAGGEGI, one of the best known and most appreciated Sicilian ice cream makers and pastry chefs, is the owner of the Pasticceria Caggegi in Randazzo (CT).

Master and lover of the best Sicilian pastry tradition, declined in the various artisan specialties.

Panettone Artigianale
Oro Puro

Tutta la dolcezza dei panettoni artigianali, a sostegno dell’Istituto Serafico di Assisi, per donare un sorriso ai più fragili attraverso un semplice gesto.