Restyling of the packaging for Molino sul Clitunno high-end flours

After the launch of the new line “ORO PURO – Solo Grani Emiliani Certificati” in 2019, the new year has brought a completely new look to the other professional lines signed Molino sul Clitunno: “Le Farine” and “Le Ruvide” (stone-ground). A completion of the range to meet the specific needs of professionals and consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the quality of raw materials and related nutritional information.  



A selection of special flours characterized by bright color codes to allow a simple and immediate reading of the typological characterization of each reference: from Manitoba, to Type 0 and 00 to cover all leavening and processing needs for pizzeria, pastry, bakery and fresh pasta.

The range is completed by two types of wholemeal flour for direct dough, two Type 2 references with a high raw fibre content specifically dedicated to the bakery sector, one regrinded durum wheat semolina and one corn flour.  


The stone-ground flours, richer in noble and nutritious fibres than the grain of origin, deserved a distinctive and evocative graphic characterization of the ancient milling art, as basic ingredients now indispensable in the production of pizza, bread and pastries, for their ability to give the finished product all the flavour and aroma of wheat, processed at low temperatures.

The line consists of a Type 1 and a very high quality wholemeal flour.



A 2020 that opens in the name of innovation, also aesthetic, with the aim of characterizing the peculiarities of a complete range of flours, developed in our research laboratories, the result of a perfect balance of knowledge, quality and innovation, thanks to the teamwork that we have been able to build in recent years with the best masters of Italian white art.

Panettone Artigianale
Oro Puro

Tutta la dolcezza dei panettoni artigianali, a sostegno dell’Istituto Serafico di Assisi, per donare un sorriso ai più fragili attraverso un semplice gesto.