The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers

Molino Sul Clitunno presents the e-book “The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers”, a new training tool for a successful activity.


Available as a free download, the e-book has been developed with the close cooperation of Federico Visinoni, World Champion at the 2015 edition of the Pizza World Championship of Parma and owner of a renowned franchising pizzeria brand.

Trevi (Pg), July 15, 2019 – The e-book “The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers” is officially on-line and is available as a free download from the website. This is the latest project developed by Molino sul Clitunno, and is part of a quality chain that travels both in the direction of an excellent finished product and 360° training and information for professionals of the field.

The will of the CEO of Molino sul Clitunno, Pierluigi Marani, has always been that of training and informing users of Umbrian flour, not only on a practical level with courses and workshops on processing techniques – held regularly at the Antico Fienile Training Academy – but also by offering management and operational support for the entrepreneur of the art of bakery. This is the only way in which the chain of quality and excellence can have a circular and successful flow, for the benefit of the producer, the entrepreneur but above all the final consumer.

Drafted with the cooperation of Federico Visinoni, World Champion of the 2015 edition of the Pizza World Championship in Parma and business consultant, well-known for his successful entrepreneurial history, the e-book presents itself with a double educational objective, addressing those who already have their own business and those who are just starting, as we read in the presentation: For you who are already a pizza maker and entrepreneur, to remind you never to lose sight of the 7 cardinal sins that can undermine our businesses, to transmit the desire and curiosity to acquire in-depth knowledge of these concepts and make them yours whilst remaining informed and trained. For you who have just started or want to start a pizzeria business project, to get to know the 7 key points that need sound preparation and constant training, to show you the way to follow, and help you by means of a specific route, to turn the 7 cardinal sins into the 7 motivators for the development of your business!”


Producing Income or Producing Quality? Federico Visinoni had the idea of ​​creating a tool that could be a practical support for the double role of pizza maker / entrepreneur for a while, since he had tackled, for the first time, the difficult task of carrying on a quality pizzeria, which was also an economically healthy company.

From his past in the field of finance, Federico Visinoni has taken important ideas that have been explained in the e-book “The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers” for the purpose of offering awareness and hints for the pizza maker / entrepreneur.

An important new goal achieved by this virtuous Umbrian company, strongly convinced that a true chain of quality starts from the excellence of the wheat grain and reaches our tables with a healthy-food oriented and genuine product, also by means of a healthy and successful entrepreneurial process!


To get a closer view of Molino sul Clitunno’s policy and exchange tips with Federico Visinoni, the company has organised the free “InFarinati” event from September 14th to 16th. A large open house event that will allow you to see the production facilities of Trevi, discover the 100% Emilian grain with which the new ORO PURO flours are made, to take part in workshops with the Masters of the Antico Fienile Academy and in an interesting round table, on September 16th, with nutritionist and nutrition expert, Dr. Evelina Flachi.

Panettone Artigianale
Oro Puro

Tutta la dolcezza dei panettoni artigianali, a sostegno dell’Istituto Serafico di Assisi, per donare un sorriso ai più fragili attraverso un semplice gesto.