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Molino sul Clitunno - Programma 2019

During 2019, there  will be a number of events dedicated to professionals but also to enthusiasts of bread making, pizza making, patisserie and fresh pasta.

The IN•FORMAZIONE meetings will be held at our headquarters in Trevi, in an ancient renovated barn that has been transformed into a classroom-laboratory. Here, masters of bakery as an art of the Molino sul Clitunno team will share their experience and give demonstrations of techniques and secrets for making excellent products.

Despite our great experience, every time professionals handle our products we discover something new: apparently insignificant variables in leavening and in baking cycles, along with secrets learnt through experience in mixing ingredients and inventing recipes, allow our flour to turn into something new every day, into products that are so great to taste… almost magical.

Sharing this experience with our customers, with experts and with professionals of ‘bakery as an art’ is essential for our growth. Sharing gives us the possibility to offer innovation whilst maintaining the tradition that has made our products so appreciated all over the world.

Panettone Artigianale
Oro Puro

Tutta la dolcezza dei panettoni artigianali, a sostegno dell’Istituto Serafico di Assisi, per donare un sorriso ai più fragili attraverso un semplice gesto.