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Thumbs up at "Tutto Pizza" in Naples, a sector we are focusing on

It’s time to take a look at the results of TUTTO PIZZA, the yearly international event in Naples for professionals in the field of pizza.
We were satisfied by the number of visitors and are, above all, aware of the dynamism of a sector that is truly on the move. This is why we aim at investing in this sector both in terms of product (flours and mixes for new trends) and of important partnerships with leading representatives of Made in Italy pizza making.Master pizza makers Federico Visinoni (World Champion in 2015 and owner of the StraPIZZAmi chain) and Favio Gargiulo (teacher at the Università della Cucina Mediterranea in Sorrento), held a series of interesting cooking shows dedicated to pizza alla napoletana. During the three-day event, they gave demonstrations of new pizza making techniques that fulfil new trends and focus on the use of less refined products, such as wholemeal flour, stone-ground flour, cereal mixes, which are suitable for long leavening and for obtaining lighter and more digestible dough.