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A deeply rooted vocation

For over thirty years, we have been investing in technology and research to offer you new products, new fragrances and new possibilities, with a single common denominator: quality. Today as yesterday, our knowledge of wheat and our ability to make the best choices allow us to make flours and mixes that fulfil the customer’s need to the full and guarantee consistent characteristics over time.

Our Flours

Molino sul Clitunno - Spiga

Our flour is the result of a careful selection of raw materials and of constant quality control during all stages of the production chain. Tradition and innovation are the values on which we have based our work so that you may always count on a top quality and consistent product that preserves the flavour and fragrance of our territory.

A vast range of flour for professional uses, especially dedicated to bakeries and baking industries, and of products for baking and fresh pasta are the outcome of our daily relationship with the demands of our customers and of our cooperation with master bread and pizza makers.

Farine per pizza - Molino sul Clitunno
Farine per pasticcerie - Molino sul Clitunno
Farine per pane - Molino sul Clitunno
Farine per pasta - Molino sul Clitunno
Farine linea Oro Puro - Molino sul Clitunno
Linea "Le Ruvide" - Farine macinate a pietra Molino sul Clitunno
Farine Sapori di Casa - Molino sul Clitunno
Are you interested in our flours?


The flours of the new line ORO PURO 100% certified 100% made in Italy, have conquered Australia, positioning themselves on a high end market aimed at those consumers…

molinosulclitunno 7 February 2020
The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers

The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers

Molino Sul Clitunno presents the e-book “The 7 Cardinal Sins of Pizzeria Managers”, a new training tool for a successful activity. Available as a free download,…

molinosulclitunno 29 July 2019


At the Festival of Italian Food Culture in Paris on 30 and 31 May, the excellence of white art made in Italy will be represented by Molino sul Clitunno's ORO PURO…

molinosulclitunno 17 February 2020
The IN-Formation 2020 courses of the Accademia Antico Fienile start again

The IN-Formation 2020 courses of the Accademia Antico Fienile start again

The high training courses 2020 of the Accademia Antico Fienile di Molino sul Clitunno will start again in Trevi. With a view to a healthy and virtuous supply chain…

molinosulclitunno 5 February 2020

“In•formazione” Training Courses

Training, a value to share

In our headquarters in Trevi, we have created a Training Academy where we welcome our customers and all companies that wish to discover the characteristics and potential of special Molino sul Clitunno flour. A totally renovated barn has become a classroom-laboratory in which professionals of ‘bakery as an art’ meet masters of pizza, bread and pastry making to share experiences and methods. Sharing this experience with our customers, with experts and with professionals of ‘bakery as an art’ is essential for our growth. Sharing gives us the possibility to offer innovation whilst maintaining the tradition that has made our products so appreciated all over the world.


Accademia formazione Molino sul Clitunno


Quality, first of all

Our products are made using carefully selected wheat. Stringent quality checks performed during each stage of production guarantees total traceability.
Our flour does not contain enzyme-based improvement agents, additives, stabilisers or artificial preservatives.

We are proud to have obtained the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certifications, which attest to the certified quality of each stage of the production chain.

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Rediscovering the bond with our roots to thank those who have preserved them and hand them down to the next generations

Molino sul Clitunno - Farine per pizza, farine Umbre